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Brand new page launched from Brisbane Conveyancing leaders – KRG Conveyancing

I thought I would take this opportunity to make mention of a brand new web page from KRG Conveyancing Brisbane,  and KRG Conveyancing Gold Coast.

It really looks fantastic, and has all new features such as a stamp duty calculator, conveyancing fee calculator and lots more.



Conveyancing Costs – The Truth

I have seen the same story time and time again.   The cheapest price sometimes turning out to be nothing more than a lure.  The secret about conveyancing quotes is in the detail.  There are so many aspects of the job that have a price tag, that it is easy for some people to quote on part of the job.

Example:  If you ask a carpenter to build you a deck on your lovely old Queensland Cottage. You might ask for a quote and expect a price.  The carpenter may say, it will costs $3000.  You expect to pay $3000 once the job is done and all is dandy.  Upon completion, your carpenter renders the bill. I apologise to Carpenters everywhere, you are only used metaphorically.


Carpenters Invoice


1 x Labour installing the deck $3000.00

600 x Nails    $200

Ordering Timber service fee $ 150

Jumping up and down on it afterwards to make sure its steady $400


SUB-TOTAL $3750.


GST 379.00

TOTAL $ 4169.00


” WHAT? You said $3000! ”

“That was for the deck, not the other work involved”

In other situations, you might have been charged more because it started to rain.


Don’t get caught out, ask for a full written fixed fee quote.


The Market

Interest rates have increased another 0.25% to raise the average mortgage $50 a month.  Whilst this does not seem a large amount the market has certainly reacted quickly, over the last few weeks we have seen levels of enquiry change and soften whilst the tightening of bank restrictions have seen first home buyers all but leave the market completely.  However the market for buyers purchasing second and third properties has strengthened with the mid range homes still receiving good levels of enquiry.

This has definitely resulted in movement, correction and change in the property prices across the board,  I guess that’s the nature of a market place.

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