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2 easy and free Brisbane Conveyancing searches

The Brisbane City Council has always been on the forefront of services. The conveyancing Brisbane & legal scene is no different. A few years back the Brisbane City Council launched a couple of online free searches which can be done quickly and easily online for any property in Brisbane.

The 2 Brisbane Conveyancing searches are called “Floodwise” and the “Flood flag map”, which as they suggest, relate to Brisbane historical flooding information aswell as calculated flow paths for heavy run off. These are great tools to use when deciding on that next (or first) purchase and are available here.

  • Brisbane Conveyancing Floodwise search – This search will tell you the minimum habitable floor levels for your property. Based on Q-100 style flood events, it can tell you how high the water may rise in a rare flood event.
  • Brisbane Conveyancing Flood Flag Map– This search will show you where water is predicted to flow as a part of normal storm run off on a suburb by suburb basis.
  • While we are on the topic, why don’t you save the number for the SES (132 500) in your phone? It could come in handy this wet season. KRG Conveyancing Review