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April 16, 2010

Conveyancing Costs – The Truth

I have seen the same story time and time again.   The cheapest price sometimes turning out to be nothing more than a lure.  The secret about conveyancing quotes is in the detail.  There are so many aspects of the job that have a price tag, that it is easy for some people to quote on part of the job.

Example:  If you ask a carpenter to build you a deck on your lovely old Queensland Cottage. You might ask for a quote and expect a price.  The carpenter may say, it will costs $3000.  You expect to pay $3000 once the job is done and all is dandy.  Upon completion, your carpenter renders the bill. I apologise to Carpenters everywhere, you are only used metaphorically.


Carpenters Invoice


1 x Labour installing the deck $3000.00

600 x Nails    $200

Ordering Timber service fee $ 150

Jumping up and down on it afterwards to make sure its steady $400


SUB-TOTAL $3750.


GST 379.00

TOTAL $ 4169.00


” WHAT? You said $3000! ”

“That was for the deck, not the other work involved”

In other situations, you might have been charged more because it started to rain.


Don’t get caught out, ask for a full written fixed fee quote.

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